I’m a first time buyer, how do I start?

Buying your first home is an incredibly exciting experience, but it is also one that requires a great deal of thought and planning.

Securing a mortgage in principle to determine how much you can borrow – and therefore the budget bracket for your property hunt – is an important first step, and one that we can help with. At My Mortgage Force, we take great pleasure in helping people onto the property ladder, giving people the opportunity to own their own home and do so with the right mortgage in place. With our help, you can understand the legal aspects of your borrowing agreement, compare different options, and find a deal that provides you with security and repayments you can afford. We’ll also offer advice on other financial products such as types of insurance and protection that can give you added peace of mind as you take the big step towards owning your first home.

First-time buyer mortgages

There are a number of different mortgage products out there – so which one is right for you?

At My Mortgage Force, we will go through your financials to help you determine how much you could borrow, and then show you a number of different deals that could give you the best rate for your mortgage. We can answer questions and offer insight into things like whether a fixed or variable rate is right for you, and provide impartial guidance when comparing the different options side by side.

Help to buy mortgages

One of the best options available to first-time buyers are help to buy mortgages.

Backed by the government, these mortgages are available through a number of different lenders. With this type of mortgage, you only need a 5% deposit, which is ideal for those currently renting whilst trying to save for a property at the same time. We can explain the ins and outs of this type of mortgage, help you determine whether you are eligible, compare offerings through lenders and help you obtain an agreement in principle – often in as little as an hour.

Let us help

At My Mortgage Force, we know that a first-time buyer mortgage is more than just a financial product – it’s a way to make real the dream of owning your first home.

We take a personal approach to understanding your requirements and goals, and we will provide a high level of service from start to finish. We are always here to answer questions and provide helpful, impartial advice, as we know that going through the process for the first time can be a little daunting! We have many years of experience helping buyers obtain a mortgage, and we will put this to use in helping you secure financing for your first home as well.